About Department :

The department of Psychology was established in 6August 1993


  1. Effective assimilation and application of concept.
  2. Overall development of skills in the world of work.

3 .Lay the foundations for higher studies in psychology.

  1. Foster interest in psychology as a field of study and research.
  2. To establish national and international linkage through cross-cultural and

Collaborative research.

  1. To enhance growth and application of the principles of psychology in Personal life.

Students Strength   2017-18

Class Strength
B.A.I 90
B.A.II 30
B.A.III 18

Results (Semester) 2016-17

Class Total
Total Pass % of Passing
B.A.I 97 90 95.78%
B.A.II 40 40 100%
B.A.III 13 12 92.30%
Total 150 142 96.02%

Activities conducted to impart language/other skills effectively:

  • Guest lectures
  • Poster pretentions
  • Wall papers
  • Competitions
  • Group discussion
  • SVMP conference
  • Debate
  • Quiz
  • seminar

Special Achievements: (Last five years)

Year Name of the Student Event Prizes or awards
2014-15 Sneha parit CRPF GD constable
2017-18 Aarti Bansode Women’s day Best student award

International/National/State level Conference/Seminars attended and papers presented in last Five years.

Name of the Staff International National/State No of Papers presented
Prof.Pramila Adhikrao surve 35 9

 Future Plans:

  • Start Personality development course
  • Start PG department
  • Short applications course