To provide quality education to the rural and semi urban girl students deprived from getting education by the orthodox Indian tradition and to make them the responsible citizens.


  • To avail opportunity of education to women whose educational rights are deprived by the orthodox Indian tradition.
  • To aim at overall personality development through extra-curricular activities
  • To acquaint and walk with the computer age.
  • To promote and enhance students’ literary inborn skills.
  • To aware students about social and national responsibilities.
Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Challenges (SWOC)

Strength: –

  1. Only Girls’ college in the Tahashil situated in the heart of Manchester city.
  2. Adequate infrastructure.
  3. Ladies N.C.C.
  4. Registered Alumni Association.
  5. Computerized central library and Administrative office
  6. Prize winning for writing Article in college magazine ‘Asmita’
  7. Departments of Home – Science and Psychology.
  8. Green, Clean and Plastic free campus.
  9. Excellent results.


  1. No PG Courses.
  2. Less Number of MRPS.
  3. No organization of International seminars.


  1. To enhance skill based short term courses.
  2. To start PG. courses.
  3. To promote co-curricular and extension activities.
  4. To organize International seminars.
  5. To increase collaborative activities and linkages.
  6. To undertake major and minor research projects.


  1. To strengthen the Alumni Association
  2. To promote the research culture.
  3. To boost placement cell.
  4. To start P.G. courses.
  5. To organize International Seminar/ Conference.
  6. To improve communication skill rural students.