As per the provisions contained under section 45 of Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994, the Students’ Council is formed. The students are nominated from following categories on the students’ council.

(1) Class Representatives

The students, who have scored the highest marks in the previous examination and admitted for the first, second and third years of B.Com. and B. A. course are nominated as CRs on students’ council.

(2) Representation through specific categories

One student from each of the following categories, satisfying the qualifying conditions are nominated on students’ council. The council is also formed according to caste and minority reservation rules


(a) National Service Scheme

(b) Cultural Department

(c) Sports Department

(d) National Cadet Corp

(e) Principal nominated 2 students

Secretary of Students’ Council

The members of Students’ Council elect democratically the Secretary of the Council.

The Principal appoints any Senior Teacher as his nominee on Students’ Council. The teacher-in-charge of Cultural Department and the Poragramme Officer of NSS Department are also appointed on the council.

The students’ council attends the meeting called by the Principal and gives feedback on the teaching evaluation activities and also put forth their difficulties/grievances, if any.